Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Time to kick failure in the balls

I seem to be an expert in "what doesn't work". Anyone else feeling that? I could come up with a million excuses of why life just seems to hand me lemons all the time, who wants to read that? Lordy knows there are plenty of manically depressed teens writing about it every day. But, I'm an adult or supposed to be one at least. My son likes to joke with me that I've been passed down some kind of Irish curse, which my response is always is "Curses are meant to be broken".
I've been many things in life, worn many hats but few are what I would equate to success. As a mother to three kids who I raised entirely by myself, yes, I can say I was successful. Perfect, no, not by any means and made plenty of mistakes, but they survived, as did I and now as adults, our relationship has changed, but stronger than ever.College was a bust. I pursued a degree in law enforcement for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to help people back when I was still green behind the ears and helping people is for social workers, which after some experience in the field, I decided that was definitely NOT what I wanted to do.
In business, if success is to be measured by popularity, I could say, yes, I've been fairly successful. If it is to be measured monetarily, then.. I still haven't found what works. Through my life I have worked as a factory worker, advertising executive, clam digger, administrative assistant, nurses aide, concierge, housekeeper.. the list goes on. At one point I even filleted farm raised salmon for a living. I've never been too proud to take any job, which I suppose sets me apart from others and perhaps in hindsight, it was a mistake. I never went back to school after a lay off because my biggest concern was finding the next available job that would pay the bills. I have never thought any job was beneath me or didn't pay enough to make it "worth my while". Granted, many days I had to drag myself out of bed and hide my tears as I faced another day of back breaking labor or dealing with people who were rude, unkind and just plain mean to people they considered "the help". But going to work everyday and knowing I made an honest effort to make a living seemed like the right thing to do, what I was taught to do by my father growing up. I was never handed anything and never expected to be. All too often I found decent paying jobs out of reach and interviewing is not my strong point. I don't mind working hard, never have, but with the economy the way it is, nepotism is rampant in the work place, making it even harder to find opportunity or the chance to advance once you accept a position.
 I've never been much for schmoozing and although I give 110% at every job, I don't socialize around the water cooler, play golf or go for drinks after work. Perhaps that is my biggest downfall. Outstanding career opportunities are limited for introverts like me. I'm smart enough to know I'll never get rich working for someone else anyhow, I'm just making them rich. So what am I doing?? I'm over 40 and working in a ridiculous job, that by all means appears to be " a good job" but really, I spend more of my paycheck repairing my car that is required for the job and I don't get reimbursed for that. It does have it's perks, I work mostly alone and without someone breathing down my neck which I like, but for what? To continue to struggle financially? To be unable to tuck away any kind of savings or retirement money? I already assumed, like my father, I would probably work to the day I died, but I had hoped to do it out of choice, not necessity.  It is time to make some changes.

“No one is going to hand me success. I must go out & get it myself. That’s why I’m here. To dominate. To conquer. Both the world, and myself.” 

I'm writing and writing and writing. It is the one thing other than photography I am truly passionate about. Both are challenging. Both are hard work. But, I truly believe that I can be a success with my writing, I need to stop complaining, stop trying to sell and market my books and just write. Fortunately, technology has not yet come up with affordable equipment that can turn anyone with a couple hundred dollars to spare into a "writer". Of course, I'm going to pitch my books here, but more so, I'm making a commitment to myself to start writing every single day. I was a little lost with blogging. I admit it. I felt like I had to write about one subject or genre, but where did I get the idea there was rules for writing? There are no rules. If you, the readers like what you read, you'll come back. You'll want more. Maybe this blog won't interest you, maybe the next 30 blogs I write won't, but one day, you'll see something and go.. hmmm.. this looks interesting and perhaps you will tell a friend or share it online and it is then and only then that I may find my success as a writer. 
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