Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Virgins~ we admit it~

Today is as good of day as any to lose our virginity, 
................................our blogging virginity! 

Blogging for a small business is relatively a new idea to me. I write, sure, but about a small family owned business? We are not exactly prime time television worthy, although, at times I am sure watching us would be entertaining. Mother and Daughter, both overly independent and bull-headed. 
We started this business six months ago, really on a wish and a prayer. Learned a few things the hard way but established a little spot for ourselves. Our biggest challenge is getting customers in the door. Our location is good, but we are still trying to overcome the unsavory reputation of the previous business in that location.  We are not affiliated but people make some strange assumptions. 
We live rural and in a mostly impoverished area. Our original thought was, the area needed something like this. Affordable, name brand, pristine clothing, shoes, jewelry~ at huge savings. Some new, some worn but add in household items, furniture, artwork, upcycles, photography, gifts. It will work.  We are finding even a few dollars seems to be "too expensive" for some, but we have not given up hope yet. We're just thankful we don't depend solely on the store for an income or we would probably be living in the back room. We are just trying to get by like everyone else. We'll share a few different things on here, recipes, crafts, upcycle tutorials, probably showcase some of the different things we bring into the store and some of the ideas we have, no matter if they work or not. We will give it all we have. Being a small business owner in this economy is tough and in a rural, mainly poor area, even tougher. You are welcome to come along for the ride and even feel free to throw some advice or comments in if you'd like. 
Today wasn't a bad day, but with the stress of the holidays on top of all the stress that comes with opening a business, it got ugly before we closed. Lots of cleaning got done though, our own personal anger management therapy. We even discussed giving up all together, but neither of us are quitters. So, we came home and decided we're going viral. We can ship, we can sell online and in the store. We refuse to let the apathy in our community bring us down and will not be another failed business. Another empty storefront downtown with a for lease sign. So, stay tuned people and let the adventures begin. You can follow us on facebook and remember, we can ship anywhere and accept paypal and credit cards.